The Marie Group - Greater Gender Equality!

Август 20, 2009 - 5:15 пп 1065 Comments

A Group Push for Greater Gender Equality
Welcome to the main page of the website for “The Marie Group.” Our name honors the accomplishments of Marie Curie, one of the few women to win a Nobel Prize. We are a nonprofit organization that strives to bring present day society closer to an ideal—the ideal of gender equality. We advocate for female rights in four spheres of life: the economic sphere, the political sphere, the social sphere and the cultural sphere.

In the economic sphere, our group seeks to define the absence of gender equality in the modern day workplace. We call attention to the fact that the salary for a man normally exceeds the salary for a woman, when the two have comparable job responsibilities. We want insurance rules in the workplace to be the same for all employees, whatever their gender.

In the political sphere, members of our group campaign for female candidates, whenever such names are on the ballot. Our group wants to see more women filling seats in the parliament, and more women serving in an official capacity, within a government structure.

In the social sphere, our group espouses the need for more and better child care facilities. Our group has pushed for more violence and rape prevention centers. The members in our group stand ready to fight all forms of domestic violence.

In the cultural sphere, our group rejects any cultural norm that fails to respect the rights of women. We disapprove of any attempt to force upon women a dress code that does not apply to men. At the same time, we honor the desire of any woman to don willingly a particular piece of attire.

We have chosen a bird in flight as the symbol that best represents our group. Our group has selected that symbol, because it highlights the message that our group hopes to send out, to all listening ears. Our group wants each man and woman to study the shape of each wing on a bird in flight. Those wings are not exactly alike. The two wings have a similar shape, but not the same shape.

Suppose a bird had two wings with the same shape. Could that bird fly? No it could not. Therefore our society can not “take flight” until it takes full advantage of both of its wings—both men and women.

That is the message of The Marie Group. The members of our group hope to move society forward. The members of our group support any organization that stands behind one or more women. Our group stands ready to aid the publication and distribution of information that can benefit women.

Perhaps you would like to help our group. Maybe you would like to assist with the construction and painting of new violence and rape centers. Maybe you feel qualified to write material that can be placed in our distributed literature. Maybe you are even willing to provide us with monetary support.

We welcome all forms of support. We invite any woman in Europe to join our group.